Current Hospital Status:  Business as usual.  All staff is expected to report to work.

Good News! The National Weather Service has updated their weekend weather forecast that suggests snowfall in/around the Midlands is becoming less and less likely.  While bitter cold and snow flurries are still a possibility, the ground temperature should make accumulation unlikely.

Please understand and remind your coworkers that Lexington Medical Center is expecting all staff to prepare for “business as usual” this weekend.  We do not anticipate needing to activate Incident Command or an employee pickup service.  Please plan to show up for your shift as normal so we can meet our commitments to our patients and their families.  Arriving on time and ready to work will also prevent managers from requiring staff to stay beyond their normal shift as they await their coworkers’ arrival.

Now, for all Managers, Directors and other members of our leadership team, this event creates an opportunity to review our Inclement Weather Plan.  Please review the Director responsibilities “Before Inclement Weather Plan is Activated” and “Upon Activation”. This policy can also be found on Lex-Loop/Policies/Emergency Management/Inclement Weather Plan.  Additionally, it may also be helpful if you share this policy with your staff as it gives them specific information and directions.

We will continue to monitor the National Weather Service forecast and provide updates accordingly.  A Disaster Alert/Incident Command activation will be based on accumulation, future forecasts, and current & predicted road conditions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.